Timetable | Omnida Studios




Kids courses will run until Sunday 2 April with a break for half term between Monday 13 February and Sunday 19 February. Adult dance and fitness classes will commence Monday 9 January.

All adult dance and fitness classes operate on a drop-in basis. Omnida-branded classes offer a loyalty scheme that rewards frequent visits to the same class. Each card will hold six stamps per class and will offer the first class for 10% off and the sixth class for free! Finish your card and get a new one to start the savings over.

All adult drop-in credits and packs previously purchased have now expired and will not carry over into the current January 2017 term.

Click “BOOK” in the Timetable below to book a class unpaid. You can pay by cash or card at the studio for Omnida-branded adult classes and kids courses, and by cash or other arrangement with the teacher for non-Omnida-branded adult classes.

Please note at this time it is not possible to book kids courses from this Timetable if they have already started. Please use the timetable on the Kids Courses page or visit us in the studio to purchase drop-ins or partial courses.