Returns and Cancellations

Returns and Cancellations

The cancellation / refund policy below applies to purchases made via the Omnida website ( By placing an order or making a reservation with us you agree to accept the following cancellation / refund policy. If you do not agree to the policy below then you should not make a purchase or reservation on this website.

Order cancellation / refund policy
You may cancel your order for up to 1 hour after the transaction. If you cancel within this period then any payments made by you will be refunded within 30 days. If you do not cancel within 1 hour then we will confirm your order. Once confirmed, an order is non-refundable, unless it is specific to a class or event that has been cancelled (e.g. a one-off workshop). It may be transferable to another product within the same term at the discretion of Omnida, subject to availability and suitability, but a transfer is not guaranteed. Order cancellations must be made by email, quoting your order number to

Class cancellation / account credit return policy
Classes can only be booked using account credits. Once a class is booked, a credit is deducted from your account. Classes may be cancelled at least 24 hours before the start of the class, either online or by sending an email to Account credits will only be returned to your account for cancellations within policy.

Teacher Substitution
Teachers may be substituted for another suitably qualified teacher at the discretion of Omnida.  As we are still providing a class with the same content and quality, refunds will not be granted in the event of Teacher Substitution.

Class Cancellation
In the event Omnida needs to cancel a class, we will attempt to contact all students who booked prior to cancellation and will return any credits to students who booked prior to cancellation.

Class Credit expiration policy
Class Credits (single Drop In, 6 packs or 10 packs) have an expiration date that is clearly stated on the sales receipt and/or your online account details and cannot be used after this date.  Any unused expired credits will not be refunded.  Exceptions may be made for medical reasons such as illness or injury with accompanying documentation at our discretion, in which case an admin fee equal to 10% of the pro-rated refund amount will be charged. Management reserve the right to refuse to grant credit extensions. Please note that all active credits will expire on 22 December 2016 and cannot be carried over to 2017.

Kid Courses cancellation policy
Kids courses can only be booked using course credits. Refunds/credits will not be granted for missed classes within a course. Refunds will not be provided if the child is deemed unsuitable for the course. Omnida reserves the right to cancel courses if enrolment is inadequate, in which case a full refund will be granted. Course packs can only be transferred to another class at Omnida’s sole discretion, in which case a change fee may be required.