Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

Beginner Classes

Designed for a more intense stretch, our hot yoga classes are practised in a room of substantial heat. An innovative approach to Yoga, this will allow you to stretch parts of the body you never have before creating a better workout and increased flexibility.

Other benefits include:

– Sweat and extra oxygen are great for detoxification
– Helps muscles be more elastic and less susceptible to injury
– The additional challenge from the heat improves coordination
– Warmed muscles burn fat more effectively than cold ones
– Allows you to go more deeply and safely into the postures
– Provides cardio benefits by elevating heart rate
– Focuses the mind, improving concentration
– Improves breathing and lung capacity

Clothing for this class is completely your choice, however we recommend close fitting clothes to enable a full stretch.

Please ensure you bring water to hydrate yourself.